Tuesday, January 26

Put your Horror twist on Easter with these ideas and recipes

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Below is a round up of EASTER themed recipes and ideas that have a Dark or Horror twist to them. Visit these amazing sites and get inspired!

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ZOMBIE LAMB Cake by Gina Phelps

Zombie Lamb Cake via Pinterest


Zombie Easter Bunny Cake via Tablespoon

Get the recipe Zombie Bunny Cake from Tablespoon.

NIGHT OF THE LEPUS Meringue by Slash and Dine

Night of the Lepus Meringue by Slash and Dine

Get the recipe for Killer Meringue Lepus from Slash and Dine

CRITTERS Peanut Butter Eggs

Critters Peanut Butter Eggs via Homicidal Homemaker

Visit YouTube for the Critters Peanut Butter Eggs instructional video.

ZOMBIE EASTER BUNNY Cupcake by Gretchen Lawless

Zombie Easter Bunny Cupcake via Pinterest

ZOMBIE BUNNY Cake by irdeadite

Zombie Bunny Cake via Deviant Art

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